What is MyHelp?

  • MyHelp represents a pioneering digital solution poised to transform the healthcare landscape by encouraging behavioural change through connecting practitioners (including clinicians, psychologists, dieticians etc) with clients using a tailored and highly personalised approach.

  • MyHelp offers a digital tool for practitioners to provide individualised support and guidance. With a wide range of features such as assessments, plans, goal setting, resources and monitoring tools, practitioners can customise MyHelp for an individual’s specific needs to support their long-term health goals.

  • Our mobile app and web platform enhances patient engagement, empowering them to actively participate in their self-care and reduce reliance on clinical staff. By delivering customised care and fostering collaboration at the tip of their fingers, MyHelp aims to promote better outcomes and guide individuals towards improved health.

Why MyHelp?

  • Many self-help apps exist, but none mirror the work undertaken by the human clinicians. MyHelp is different. It focuses on the human interaction between practitioners and individuals, capturing and sharing key elements from both parties of the clinical journey.

  • Regardless of whether it's a large organisation or an individual therapist, MyHelp offers extensive customisation options, enabling practitioners to tailor the platform to align with their unique way of working.


"MyHelp has been a great tool to aid our therapy and engage the young person. Having everything in one place made it easier for the client to access everything they needed.

Jessica Hayward

Private Therapist

"I think MyHelp is a great idea which has lots of potential."

Shikainah Samuel

Private Therapist

"MyHelp has completely changed my work. I love it!"

Neha Sinha

Private Therapist

Our Partners

We work with individual therapists to large NHS hospitals across a variety of clinical areas from mental health practitioners to weight management, and diabetes - see who we work with...

Our Features

MyHelp is a comprehensive platform that combines both practitioner's and individual's tools, enabling seamless information sharing to bolster the healthcare process. Below, we outline the various features available on the platform:


A crucial tool for health practitioners to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of an individual's wellbeing and health care needs.


Track progress towards behavioural goals and ensure a smoother journey to improved health outcomes.


Assign small achievable homework tasks and enable individuals to provide updates on their completion.


Track progress towards health goals and ensure a smoother journey to a happier place.

Solution – Customisable Platform for Practitioners & Patients

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Clinical Services

In healthcare, behavioural change is vital for managing both physical and mental health conditions hence our platform is being used in various clinical areas.

Mental Health

MyHelp offers a tailored digital solution to enhance mental health, through capturing key elements of sessions and sharing with patients focusing on the cognitive elements impacting on an individual’s health. for the short and long term whilst monitoring progress throughout the health journey.

Weight Management

MyHelp offers a comprehensive approach to weight loss, that facilitates the collaboration between different clinicians involved in providing treatment whilst empowering individuals to self-manage and make behavioural changes.


Behavioural change can have a significant impact on the management of seizures for epilepsy suffering individuals. MyHelp is not computer generated, it’s focus on recording information, particularly in between appointments can be key to treatment planning.


Management of diabetes can be difficult particularly for newly diagnosed individuals. MyHelp is clinician driven, allowing clinicians to provide the right information and guidance to patients that meet the specific needs of individuals.



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