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MyHelp Benefits

MyHelp has been developed with the hope to deliver benefits all round. We have summarised these below and the basis for why you should consider the use of MyHelp as an Individual or as a Practitioner/Clinician or within a particular Health service.

Benefits for Individuals

  • Digital access to personalised, real-time guidance round the clock.
  • Empower individuals to actively participate in their treatment.
  • Tailored information and advice to cater to individual requirements.
  • Emphasize self-care, minimizing dependence on healthcare services.
  • Easier tracking of progress towards recovery.
  • Engage others to bolster an individual’s journey to wellness.

Benefits for Clinicians / Health Practitioners

  • Comprehensive Individual records collating all key areas of support.
  • Access and sharing of complete resources section between Practitioners.
  • Practitioner tools for developing personalised support material and resources.
  • Ability to share information and resources directly with Individuals.
  • Real time progress charts to track the journey to recovery.
  • Decision aids to support Practitioners provide high quality services.
  • Detailed assessment to guide suitable capture of key information for support.
  • Appointments management through a designated calendar system.
  • Notification system to encourage Individual participation with support provided.
  • Responsive personalised communication options to meet broad requirements.

Benefits for the Health Care System

  • Increase in access/reduced waiting for mental health support
  • Reduction in 'did not attends' or 'was not brought'
  • Reduction in inappropriate referrals to mental health and other services
  • Practitioners maintaining high standards through adherence to evidence based clinical practise
  • Improved efficiency in collaborative working between all clinicians involved in treatment.
  • Reduced GP appointments & Accident & Emergency attendances