MyHelp Features

MyHelp is a comprehensive platform that combines both practitioner's and individual's tools, enabling seamless information sharing to bolster the healthcare process. Below, we outline the various features available on the platform:


A crucial tool for health practitioners to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of an individual's wellbeing.

Safety Plan

Develop a personalised safety plan to ensure the well-being and security of each Individual.


The platform offers a selection of suggested agenda items to guide the health or psychotherapy process, which can be further customised to suit individual needs.


Support the journey towards a happier state by adding and reviewing health goals.


Assign small behavioural tasks and enable Individuals to provide updates on their completion to facilitate for goal achievement.


Access an extensive library of resources to share with Individuals, and even create personalised documents as needed.


Use standard measures like GAD 7 and PHQ 9 to facilitate effective psychotherapy work. Alternatively, create bespoke measures for your service.


Track progress towards health goals and ensure a smoother journey to a happier place with customisable emoji monitors.


Capture key elements of sessions, whilst reviewing summaries of the behavioural tasks and monitoring information.


Ability for both clinicians and patients to upload and download any digital files to support their treatment.


Bespoke individual plans to prevent potential relapses of current situations, ensuring sustained progress.


Enable Individuals to provide valuable feedback on the support they receive, facilitating continuous improvement of the service.